McCleary School Condos is a new development and a new idea housed in the former historic McCleary School. McCleary School Condos features 25 completely unique custom-designed residential units. Adding to the uniqueness, many of the original chalkboards, built-ins and post turn of the 20th Century details are also included in each home *.

McCleary School Condos provides homebuyers the opportunity to experience both history in the remaking and our E-nsight custom home building and design system that enables individuals to design their home based on their specific requirements and tastes. Whether your taste is Traditional, Contemporary or somewhere in between, our team will help you realize your vision at McCleary School Condos.

* Excludes Town Houses

Photo Gallery

To view photos of McCleary School Condos and its incredible original exterior and interior architectural details prior to construction, click through the gallery of images below. 

Photo credit: Eva Lin Photography