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What is the condo fee?

The condo fee is 23 cents per unit square foot.

What is the pet policy?

We are a pet friendly community! Each residence is permitted 2 dogs (of gentle disposition), or 1 cat and 1 dog or 2 cats, with a total weight of 80 pounds.

What restaurants are within walking distance?

Upper Lawrenceville is very fortunate to have the following restaurants within a few blocks of each other: CUREDive Bar & GrillePusadee’s Garden (Thai), Nied’s Hotel Bar and RestaurantThat’s Amore (pizza) and Remedy.

What are the tax incentives?

LERTA or Local Economic Revitalization Tax Act's primary mission is to improve the economic and business climate of certain residential and commercial districts. Purchasing a condo at McCleary School Condos provides home buyers with a unique and enticing incentive. Each year for 10 years, buyers receive a real estate tax abatement of up to $ 6,180. This tax abatement can reduce your mortgage payment by more than $500 per month.

You can download a copy of the Tax Incentives here. You can also calculate your potential savings based on the purchase of your home here.

When will the condos be ready?

The condos are ready! The became available in Summer 2017.

What amenities are included?

The amenities at McCleary School Condos include the following: a gym, an outdoor courtyard, a roof top deck and a pet washing facility. Select units will also include a private balcony.

Will there be a place to store my bicycle?

Yes, there are outdoor bike racks located in the parking plaza.


What does the condo fee include?

The fee includes:

  • Maintenance of all interior public spaces and exterior areas including the fitness center, elevator, rooftop deck and grounds
  • Snow removal
  • Trash removal
  • Water and sewer services
  • Taxes and insurance for common areas

Where is the closet grocery store?

Located just a few walking minutes away is a newly remodeled Shop n Save supermarket on 56th Street and two small markets: 52nd Street Market and Wild Purveyors (also within walking distance). In addition, the Lawrenceville Farmers Market is open every Saturday during the regular farmers market season.

Are there other tax incentives?

Yes, real estate ownership typically provides you with income tax benefits, but we recommend that you discuss any potential benefits with your tax professional.

What is E-nsight?

E-nsight is our proprietary custom home building and design system that provides our clients the opportunity to design their home to their specific requirements and tastes.

It is our belief that everybody has a unique relationship with his or her living space as no one has the same taste as anyone else. So custom building and designing your home specific to you requires a deep understanding of who You are and what You need and want. Through E-nsight, we get to know you and understand you as an individual and that will enable our team to create a home based on your needs, wants and dreams. Think of E-nsight as the home building and design equivalent of the music software, Pandora.

Is off-street parking available?

Each unit comes with 1 parking space. The parking space is secure and only accessible by homeowners. Additional spaces will be available for sale and can be added to the sales price/mortgage.

I’m very interested in purchasing a unit. Will you allow reservations? What are the next steps?

Please contact our sales team to discuss your next steps.